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Learning wherever I can

I have learnt a lot from multiple points of view.

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Meet Our Creative Team


I have started or contributed to tens of projects with a lot of different technologies. For me it is great to keep working on different skills, to meet new interesting people and to contribute to make them happy.

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    Ajay Lebaka


    To me, programming is a way of looking at things.

    Building things

My Plans

Plan 1

Integrate Learner's Info

A website with useful information like syllabus, grading, notes on subjects and text book materials.

Plan 2

Family Tweets

A project on genealogy for adding and showing like a family tree structure and sending invitations to know their generations and relationships.

Plan 3

Competitive Mathematics Info

Providing tips to the aspiring students with simpler to complex brain storming questions & answers that are useful in their career.

Powerful Creative Design

We provide the customized and reusable plugins with nice and easy to understand way of navigating through web pages.

The Best Quality Products

The only way to survive in our competitive world is by obtaining full customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of high quality products and services. Get to know how this can be achieved through us.

  • Integrated Learning

    Product 1
  • Genealogy ~ Family Tweets

    Product 2
  • Math Compete

    Product 3

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